October 20, 2021




As we’re nearing the end of the year, Silver Spider Knitting wants to wish you, your business, friends, and family safety and wellness this upcoming winter.

We thank you for your support and continued interest in our effort to deliver quality knits manufactured locally in Ontario, Canada, to you and your friends.

Like you, we understand the challenges that COVID-19 have introduced. As part of the community, we are choosing to cooperate with local guidelines to ensure safety both inside and outside the workplace. Vaccines, masks, social distancing, daily temperature logs and general awareness of ourselves & our surroundings are all measures Silver Spider has implemented to do our part in “flattening the curve”. We recognize our collective diligence is more important than ever now if we plan to quash this virus once and for all! We are so grateful for the front-line staff and their tireless effort and leadership in response to the pandemic.

We, like you, are trying to make sense of the dynamically changing landscape in our industry. Supply shortages, delays and increased cost of materials have stretched the limits of what everyone is able to provide. To account for these challenges, we’ve tried to absorb these speed bumps and keep any price increases modest in order to keep operations steady and reliable. It’s through your encouragement and enthusiasm that we can continue to provide our services and maintain confidence that we are delivering our very best. Thank you so much.

We excited to work closer together with you, figuratively and literally, in the last leg of the year, and in 2022.

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