Silver Spider Knitting Ltd.

Who We Are

Since its inception in 1997, Silver Spider Knitting has been driven by the pursuit of quality—a belief that our environment directly influences the outcome of our product. Whether in the work place, at home or the wide variety of public spaces in between, North Americans have loved us for making their winters better. We are a green room for many a fashion brands and have always been behind their scenes.

Nothing builds trust as fast as performance. While most companies look for projects, we forge loyal long lasting relationships with our clients. At SSK, our ultimate purpose is to design, develop and deliver products that connect to real people. We accomplish this by going both further and deeper in the details. We fuse your philosophy with our totally vertical manufacturing model to create products that build emotional bonds between brands and beings. We use our own creativity to nurture yours.

VISION: SSK looks forward to lead the fashion design industry with innovative knitting solutions & inspirational skills by pursuing the latest trends in design and quality driven approach, keeping it local and keeping the North American manufacturing industry alive.

MISSION: SSK’s mission is to provide complete custom knitted textiles manufacturing services to enhance your presence as a fashion influencer. We seamlessly integrate our knitting expertise with your vision to provide the highest level of client satisfaction through the quality output and on-time delivery.